“A Thing Called Early Blur”

Katrina Moorhead couldn’t bring the Blaffer Gallery to Iceland, so she brought Iceland to the Blaffer Gallery. Her exhibit “A Thing Called Early Blur” is a collection of paintings, drawings and installations inspired by a two-month stay in Reykjavík. Moon Huge and Low and Does Not Leave reflects the city’s late-December polar nights, when it experiences only two hours of sunlight; a large white box, with snowflake-like patterns cut out of the sides, sits in the center of a dark room illuminated only by the flickering of the green, blue, pink and white lights inside the box. You Sat Alone, a watercolor based on a digital photo of a lacey window curtain, re-creates the curtain with white paint on baby-blue paper, recalling the snowy atmosphere of Iceland’s winters. The iciness is seen again in works such as 233 Islands, a large graphite drawing of a white mountainside. See what else Moorhead brought back from her trip today.


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