Al Madrigal

Al Madrigal doesn’t fit into a single comedy mold. The half-Mexican, half-Italian stand-up comedian often performs at Latin comedy events, but he doesn’t focus on race issues. He says that’s been done to death. Instead, the self-described “half-breed,” who jokes that he usually pronounces his own name incorrectly, has a democratic approach to joke-telling: He generously makes fun of all types of people, even babies. (He claims that Armenian babies, for instance, have uni-brows, wear turtlenecks and smoke cigars.) He’s recognizable from his Comedy Central and HBO specials, and soon he’ll be appearing in his own television series. Typical joke: “Toddlers are like little, tiny gay guys, closest thing. They wear a lot of bright colors, they take a lot of baths, and every once in a while they break out into song for no reason whatsoever.”
Aug. 16-19


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