Ann Arbor Film Festival

It’s a night of artist-made film shorts at the outdoor screening of The Ann Arbor Film Festival. One of the highlights of the program is Michael Robinson’s These Hammers Don’t Hurt Us. Robinson’s 13-minute short combines Michael Jackson’s Remember the Time music video with clips of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, along with several other clips of found footage. Robinson culls together a bizarre story of the goddess Isis (Taylor) and her favorite son (Jackson) preparing for their final descent into death.

If found-footage manipulation isn’t your thing, you might like Simon Payne’s Point Line Plane, in which he uses constantly shifting black, white and gray grids to present the viewer with an optical illusion that seems to define and then redefine space. 6 p.m. Market Square Park, 301 Milam. For information, call 713-868-2101 or visit Free.
Fri., March 2, 6 p.m., 2012


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