Anthony Arnove

Anthony Arnove doesn’t expect a knock-down-drag-out fight during his upcoming appearance at Rothko Chapel, but he does admit it might be a good idea to bring your own megaphone. That’s because Arnove, the author of Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal, will be discussing — if the book title wasn’t a dead giveaway — the U.S. invasion of Iraq and why a withdrawal of our troops is the only sane and rational course of action open to us. “We were told we would be safer if we went into Iraq,” Arnove says. “We were told that Iraq was a grave threat to our security. Most people now see that argument was based on misinformation.” Arnove, who frequently contributes to ZNet, has been making similar presentations around the country and says things tend to get a little, well, loud. But the noise doesn’t bother him. “I’m glad to see this debate happening. There’s been far too little debate about the war, in fact.”
Tue., Oct. 2, 7:30 p.m., 2007


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