Are We Free?: Top 10 Movies Where The Government is After You


Independence Day is the one day out of the year that Americans can stand up proudly, eat hot dogs, drink Budweisers and blow stuff up in the name of being free to not call our apartments "flats" and when we say bloody its because we fell down drunk and scraped our knee - not because we are "pissed," well we are but because we scraped our knee. OK, enough of this.

America is a wonderful place, and July 4 is one of the best holidays of the year. But what if it wasn't? What if everything we loved about this country was all-wrong? What if you woke up this morning and everything you thought you knew about being a member of the Red, White and Blue turned out to be completely the opposite of being an America - that would make everything in your life totally not-awesome.

The concept of being royally screwed over by the US government is not all that far-fetched, it happens in movies all the time!

Happy Independence Day with the top ten government conspiracy movies.

10. Canadian Bacon


Canadian Bacon

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is a fiction film written and directed by documentary guru Michael Moore. The movie is about the U.S. president's (Alan Alda) need for a ratings boost, so he and his adviser (Kevin Pollak) cook up a plan to pretend to start a war with Canada. They base their idea on an actual brawl concerning beer. Naturally, aye. If we had a beer war sponsored by the U.S./Canadian government, the United States would totally win. Have you ever tried Labatts?

9. Enemy of the State

Will Smith is an enemy of the state, but it has nothing to do with NSA conspiracies; the government is still after him for ruining Stevie Wonder's "I Wish" for his "Wild Wild West" song. That was a crime against humanity.

8. Logan's Run

What if we all lived in a dome and our leader was a computer; I bet the weather would always be good.

Logan's Run

epitomized the hippy phrase, "don't trust anyone over 30;" in the movie 30-year olds were vaporized to limit over-population. This is like those death panels everyone was accusing Obama of a few years back, but without all the 30-year olds, who would write pointless blog lists?

7. Mercury Rising

The NSA do not get a very good rep in

Mercury Rising

when they go after a young Autistic boy who cracks their super-top-secret code that will do something crazy to the country! They need to make a sequel to this movie called Edward Snowden. That's it; that's the name of the sequel.

6. Murder at 1600


Murder at 1600

, Wesley Snipes is a detective who uncovers a murder that he suspects was done by a member of the first family! None of what Snipes did in this flick helped him get out of his own IRS conspiracy whatsoever.

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