Art Attack's Most Popular Stories of 2010 (So Far)

Art Attack is the new kid on the blog around here. In late summer, the Houston Press added an arts and culture blog that since its inception has been a repository for internet trends, theater reviews, movie-related rants and general entertainment. Below, we list the 10 most-read stories from the past year and our own brief history.

10. Top 10: Most Controversial Magazine Covers Photographer Terry Richardson's not-so-racy GQ cover featuring the cast of Glee got us thinking about other magazine covers that have been way more shocking.

9. Mark Ballas Says Burn the Floor Is Bad Ass The Dancing With The Stars hottie, fresh off his stint with Bristol Palin as partner, comes to Houston for a touring production of exquisite moves.

Don't be a karaoke hog.
Don't be a karaoke hog.
Monica Fuentes

8. Inappropriate Office Christmas Party Behavior We gave you the Dos and Don'ts for drinking on the company dime this holiday season.

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7. Top 10: Canceled TV Shows We Sorta Miss But hey! At least we salvaged James Franco from Freaks & Geeks.

6. Our Favorite Rolling Stone "Naked" Covers Happy birthday to Rolling Stone and happy birthday to me.

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