Art Theft Crimewave Hits Houston Area

Apparently the wave of artcrime sweeping Europe has arrived on home soil. It didn't hit New York, San Francisco or Houston. Nope, these thieves had eccentric, discriminating tastes. They knew just where to strike: Friendswood.

ABC 13's Erik Barajas reported this afternoon that a Friendswood gallery, which showcases the work of local artists, was hit by a thief (or theives) who stole a whopping $1,900 worth of paintings.

The crime, which Barajas descibed as an "art heist," left Friendswood artist Fontaine Jacobs "devastated." She'd spent months painting the two missing works.


If you couldn't already cut the hyperbole with a knife, what Barajas also didn't explain was that the two 24x20 floral canvases were stolen from the entranceway to a hair salon.

There'll be more at 6pm, in case you really need to know more.


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