Bakery-Fresh Battle

A flash of inspiration hit Franco Tijero in the form of a wad of masticated bread dough. After a day of delivering food to the homeless, Tijero and his cohorts were catching a bite themselves when a friend playfully spat the fateful lump at Tijero, leading to a food fight.

"We were thinking of all the food that gets wasted, that was no longer good to eat," Tijero says. "Why not have some fun with it?"

Tijero formed the Food Fight Lunch Mob, which since 2003 has organized ten large-scale food fights. An 11th is scheduled today at Twin Lakes Scuba Park. Tijero recommends bringing soft, squishy food, such as beans, pasta and pie, and wearing eye protection. (A past participant got a black eye from a hard-boiled egg.) Before the adult event, there will be a refereed kids' food fight.

Continuing the activism from which it sprang, FFLM asks participants to donate care packages for the homeless, and Tijero wants to use the food fights to raise awareness of homelessness. "I'm hoping we'll be in National Geographic or Guinness," he says. "After all, there's no one else in the world doing this."
Sun., Aug. 13, noon


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