BBAP Xmas Tree Project

For the holiday season, Buffalo Bayou Art Park will provide an alternative to the sparkly lights and Christmas carols blaring in our public spaces. The seventh annual BBAP Xmas Tree Project features local artists’ re-creations of the ubiquitous Christmas tree. This year’s offerings include a spinning pole that Troy Stanley adorned with fake Chinese currency. When the pole spins, the bills flair out to make it look like a tree. Mat Wolff’s piece plays on a child’s fear of waking up Christmas morning to find a stocking filled with coal. Wolff insists that coal is “useful, messy and fun,” and kiddos will get a free lump of the stuff so they can draw on his whitewashed, tree-shaped slate. Other pieces planned for the exhibit include Tommy Gregory’s uprooted tree placed upside down and Patrick Renner’s huge jack made of six big trees inserted into the ends of a pipe. Other participating artists include Daniel Adame, Felipe Contreras, Michelle O’Michael and Arts Collective Houston Seven. Check out the public arts project through January 4. Fish Plaza, Wortham Theater Center, 501 Texas. For more information, call 713-502-9454 or visit Free.
Dec. 1-Jan. 4, 2007


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