The third best thing we love about death metal and grind, besides how it scares the elderly and is used by the military to antagonize prisoners of war, are the awesome fonts that they use. They all seem to look like brain matter on a wall shaped into letters. This was no doubt the idea. It looks awesome on shirts and projects a scariness that will get you seen first at the emergency room. We also love huge crazy death metal shows scheduled on the Sabbath. In fact, if it was up to us that would be the only day you could even have death metal shows, just to screw with people’s heads. Topping the bill tonight at Walter’s is the one-man band Bloodsoaked. The master behind all the ear-splitting jams is North Carolina-native Peter Hasslebrack. You gotta love a guy who can make such a joyful noise as Bloodsoaked all by himself with just a guitar and pre-programmed drums. Hasslebrack is currently touring behind his album, Sadistic Deeds…Grotesque Memories which was released just last month. The title could also describe our high school love life.
Sun., May 10, 7 p.m., 2009


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