“Body Language”

Talk about a loaded subject: Earlier this year, Women in the Visual and Literary Arts (WIVLA) asked local artists to submit prints and photographs that explore the theme of "Body Language" for an exhibit at the Museum of Printing History. Daunting, sure, until you recall that they're working within an honorable tradition. For artists from Botticelli to Frida Kahlo, from Egyptian carvers to, er, the masterminds of Playboy, the body has long been a source of inspiration, frustration and, well, genius. "Body Language" features the best of the submissions, ranging across all concepts of print, including works on paper, canvas, Masonite boxes and watercolor board. Abstract, literal, conceptual - anything goes. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays. Through September 19. 1324 West Clay. For information, call 713-522-4652 or visit www.printingmuseum.org. Free.
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: June 25. Continues through Sept. 19, 2009


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