@#$! Bowser! Top 5 Mario Bosses Who Should Get More Respect

@#$! Bowser! Top 5 Mario Bosses Who Should Get More Respect

Look, we get that Bowser is a pretty good antagonist, not the least in that he actually does succeed a fair amount of the time. Plus, he's a dedicated single father, and that can't be an easy thing to do even when you're a monarch and a wizard at the same time. On the other hand, there is the issue of his blatant racism.

Still, we've been playing Mario games for a long time and there are some great bosses that we really wouldn't mind seeing make a return to center stage. Hell, they can play second fiddle to King Koopa if that makes you happy, but they at least deserve their damn existence recognized every now and then.

5. Wart
@#$! Bowser! Top 5 Mario Bosses Who Should Get More Respect

Wart is the big boss of Super Mario Bros. 2, which we believe makes him the only non-Bowser final antagonist in the main console series. He is a giant frog who has conquered the dream world with a nightmare machine, prompting its citizens to visit Mario in dreams in order to enlist his help.

We admit that Wart as a boss is slightly ridiculous. After all, having a character poisoned to death by force-feeding him vegetables is a rather horrible message to send to kids. However, think about the ramifications of Wart's reign.

He has the best underlings in Mario history, including a mouse that hurls bombs, a three-headed snake, a giant crab and living fire. In addition, whereas Mario usually manages to beat Bowser by himself or with a little help from Luigi, it takes the brothers plus Princess Peach and Toad to topple Wart's regime. Yet, except for the GBA remake of Super Mario Bros. 2, Wart is never really seen again.

4. Tatanga
@#$! Bowser! Top 5 Mario Bosses Who Should Get More Respect

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Tatanga was your big bad in Mario's Game Boy debut, Super Mario Land. In addition to being the boss with the second sweetest ride (See next page), he is also a master hypnotist and technological genius.

Not only does he manage to capture Sarasaland pretty much all on his own, he even survives his encounter with Mario to return in Six Golden Coins...albeit only as a miniboss serving Wario. Some people believe that his role in that game as subservient to Wario means he was second banana all along. We think those people just can't deal with the purple man finally getting ahead.

Without Tatanga we never would've had the sweet dogfight between his spaceship and Mario's plane, and considering that every Mario game now seems to end by making Mario somehow touch Bowser's backside, we could do with a few more high-stakes aerial battles.

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