Brass Ball

The small town of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, near the New Jersey border, didn't exactly offer the most urbane environment for the members of Pearls and Brass, whose three members have been playing together since they were 13. "There are two big streets that we walked countless times and that's about it," says drummer Josh Martin. But soon the guys moved to big city Philadelphia and got into the punk rock scene. About five years ago, Martin and his buddies -- who are now in their mid-twenties -- decided to go more straight-up rock, taking influences from Robert Johnson, Led Zeppelin and Sleep.

Now touring in support of their second full-length, The Indian Tower, the band's hitting Rudyard's to showcase its classic sound. Expect a tight show, with singer-guitarist Randy Huth's lucid, powerful vocals and bluesy come-hither solos coupled with complex drumming and Joel Winter's drudging bass lines. "We've been playing together so long, certain things just click," says Martin. Things start clicking when Golden Axe and Bowel opens at 10 p.m. For tickets, call 713-521-0521 or visit $8.
Sun., Feb. 5


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