Brown Bags and Beethoven

The Houston Symphony’s all-day, multiple-discussion, four-performance, full-orchestra-plus-a-choir Beethoven Experience, happening in March, may be too much for some people (okay, most people), but you can get a more manageable slice of the world’s most renowned composer with Brown Bags and Beethoven, a lunchtime performance at Jones Hall today. A wind trio, a string quartet and a brass quintet will perform some of Beethoven’s greatest hits in simple, stripped down performances. And if you need a little pizzazz, a costumed Beethoven impersonator will be there, even though if he stays in character, he won’t be able to enjoy the performance. (Beethoven was deaf, remember.) Noon. Jones Hall, 615 Louisiana. For information, call 713-224-4240 or visit Free; spectators can buy a brown bag lunch or bring their own.
Tue., Feb. 5, noon, 2008


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