C. M. Mayo: The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire

They didn't call it geopolitics back then, but Mexican Emperor Maximilian was playing international power games just the same. Set up as a puppet ruler by Napoleon, Maximilian is one of the central characters in The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire. After being installed as emperor, Maximilian and his wife Carlota adopted a two-year-old boy, making him Prince Agustin de Iturbide y Green. As Carlota succumbed to madness and Mexico fell into chaos, Maximilian tried to hold on to the boy, despite his parents' frantic efforts to reclaim him, causing an international incident. Sweeping fiction based on astounding facts, The Last Prince is written by C.M. Mayo, who will be on hand for today's reading and signing session. 7 p.m. Blue Willow Bookshop, 14532 Memorial Drive. For information, call 281-497-8675 or visit www.bluewillowbookshop.com. Free.

Mon., June 8, 2009


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