Cheer up: 10 Films to Get You Through a Bad Day

Hard times are, well, hard. That's why movies exist -- to provide an escape. They can cheer us up and show us that things are not as bad as they seem.

Take for example Bridesmaids. The reason that film did so well was because men and women not only liked the comedic aspects, but it also dealt with ideas such as rejection, failure, relationships and friendship.

Here's my picks for classic feel-good movies:

10. Three Men and a Baby Babies are cute -- that is a fact. However, when babies are taken care of by people who are not used to children, it's hilarious. Plus, who can resist three great-looking men singing "Goodnight Sweetheart" to a baby?

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9. The Wedding Singer Sometimes, when you have a bad day, you need a good kick in the pants to say, "You fool, what you have wanted is right in front of you." This is what The Wedding Singer delivers. The funniest scene is when Robbie Hart (played by Adam Sandler) plays at his first wedding shortly after he got dumped at the altar. Everything that can go wrong goes wrong at that wedding. It's comedy gold.

8. Pretty Woman Pretty Woman is a modern-day fairy tale and, as we all know, fairy tales are often feel-good tales. This is Julia Roberts and Richard Gere at their finest.

7. Finding Nemo Finding Nemo is a Disney film that has its sad moments, but with happy ones too that will have you laughing out loud. Hands down, the best scene that will cheer you up is when Dory and Marlin meet up with the vegetarian sharks.

6. Flight of the Navigator If you are having a bad day, chances are you want to escape into another world. Flight of the Navigator is the perfect film to do that. One of the best scenes is when David (Joey Cramer) finds out he has been gone for almost eight years and, better yet, they have aged but he has not.

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