Chill with Ice

After watching Ice Cube star opposite two children in last year's family flick Are We There Yet?, it's hard to remember that deep down, he's a bona fide gangsta rapper. Sure, during this decade, the South Central Los Angeles-raised Cube has been more visible on the silver screen than on recordings (who could forget his Craig character in the Friday trilogy?). But the N.W.A founder-turned-successful solo rapper can still bust his chops with some weighty gangsta matter. Expect to hear a good chunk of material off his forthcoming full-length, Laugh Now, Cry Later, when Cube comes to Warehouse Live today. It's his first new material since 2000's War & Peace, Vol. 2., and Cube's signature street-savvy rhymes and fierce delivery can be heard on tracks like "Smoke Some Weed," "Why We Thugs," "Chrome and Paint" and "Stop Snitchin'." It's gonna be a good day when Cube takes the stage after Tha Dogg Pound, Clipse and Jiggalo open.
Sat., May 20, 8 p.m.


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