For all the societal evidence that computer science and biology degrees pave the path to riches, it’s a pretty safe bet that five years hence a large number of American teens will elect to go to film school. An opportunity for a nose up for your kid comes this week in the form of Cine-KIDS: Film Appreciation 101, hosted at the studios of Danny Clark Photography. Over four days, the photographer himself will screen a child-appropriate yet critic-approved film each day and then school the young 'uns (ages ten and up are welcome) about the films’ messages and direct relevant projects and exercises. The lineup includes Whale Rider, The Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night, Millions and Mr. Bean’s Holiday. 1 to 6 p.m. 2427 Bartlett. For information, call 713-942-2272 or visit $200.
Dec. 27-30, 2010


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