“Cloud Cuckoo Land”

It’s been 25 years since Houston artists Jack Massing and Michael Galbreath became known as the Art Guys. In that time, the duo has managed to pull off some pretty absurd visual/conceptual/performance art stunts — who can forget Absolutly 1,000 Coats of Paint, the three-dimensional Absolut Vodka billboard that received three layers of paint daily in 1998? And then there was The Big Sneeze, a giant wall-mounted fiberglass nose that ejected green fluid (it was supposedly pea soup). Galveston Art Center has organized a retrospective exhibit of the Guys’ biggest hits. Called “Cloud Cuckoo Land,” referring to the state of mind required to dream up this stuff, the exhibit contains selections of works that, according to the GAC, “did, did not, and sometimes just could not come to fruition.”
Aug. 25-Oct. 7, 2007


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