Code Black

You can tell by the title that the medical documentary Code Black is about serious life-and-death stuff. (Of all the codes you can hear in a hospital, “Code Black” has got to be the most dire, don’t you think?) Filmmaker Ryan McGarry makes his debut with Code Black, which follows several young doctors-in-training as they struggle with the demands of C-Booth, the trauma unit at Los Angeles County Hospital. Working in the overburdened and understaffed emergency room is unlike anything you’ve seen on any medical reality show. It’s brutal for both the staff and the patients.

Code Black won top prizes at several film festivals, including the Los Angeles Film Festival and Aspen FilmFest. It’s screening here as part of the Sundance Cinemas Houston Calendar Series, a curated program of the latest award-winning films.

Screening times vary daily. Through August 15. 510 Texas. For information, call 713-223-3456 or visit $11.
Aug. 1-15, 11 a.m., 2014


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