Comedy Sportz

Get a lesson in laughter from Comedy Sportz, the tag team improv group. The troupe “plays” comedy like a sports competition (think tennis with punch lines). The audience shouts out suggestions (“a monkey walks into a bar”) and the two Comedy Sportz teams slug it out to see who comes up with the best sketch. Based in Houston, this is the first time the group is taking its show on the road to Moody Gardens in Galveston. “We are bringing the world-famous Comedy Sportz show to Galveston,” Comedy Sportz head coach Dianah Dulany modestly says. “You’ll see two teams of professional improv comedians compete against each other. All the content comes from audience suggestions. Everything is ad-libbed and fast-paced.” Everything is also really clean, as in G-rated (no “a naked monkey walks into a bar” suggestions, please). “This is a family-friendly show. We are the only show in town that is always squeaky clean, without exception,” Dulany tells us. If you’re feeling brave, you can join in on the fun onstage. “At least once a show, we get someone up from the audience to get in the match,” says Dulany. “So far, we’ve only had one audience member cry.”


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