Comment of the Day: What About Rushmore?

This morning, we posted a piece by Abby Koenig encouraging The A.V. Club's Pop Pilgrims to visit Houston. Among our reasons were '70s cult classic Brewster McCloud, Anna Nicole Smith's marriage to J. Howard Marshall and Anderson Fair. Notably absent from the story? Rushmore, and you didn't let us forget it, either.

Kyle from the A.V. Club (who may or may not actually be from the A.V. Club) admonished us for leaving the Wes Anderson movie, which was filmed in Houston, out:

C'mon, if we come to Houston, we're totally hitting up some Rushmore spots, like the big parking lot off 290 & Mangum.

I grew up in Houston, so I'd love to do it, but we'll see...

Evan agreed:

How could you forget Rushmore? While construction at St. John's may have removed some of the sets, the chapel at St. John's the Divine is still there. "Take dead aim on the rich kids..."

And Ho-Yo Ma offered up:

Seriously, I agree with Evan. Include Brewster McCloud but not Rushmore?

It's funny, because we had almost the exact same set of comments, but in reverse, when we published our list of five great movies filmed in Texas.


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