Compañia Flamenca José Porcel: Gypsy Fire

The drama and fury of flamenco come to life in Compañia Flamenca José Porcel’s Gypsy Fire. Born in the Andalucia region in the south of Spain, Porcel embraced flamenco enthusiastically. Considered Spain’s most gifted flamenco dancer and choreographer, Porcel is a purist, committed to the most authentic form of flamenco dance, music and song. In Gypsy Fire’s dance and music, Porcel uses a vocabulary that is urgent, earthy and exceedingly dramatic. But this is not drama for drama’s sake; this is movement and sound so essential to the Spanish soul, it’s intrinsic. Be prepared to be swept away with Porcel’s passionate performance. 8 p.m. Jones Hall, 615 Louisiana. For information, call 713-227-4772 or visit $30 to $65.
Sat., Oct. 8, 8 p.m., 2011


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