Cow Becomes Dietary Nazi

We can't figure out that Chick-fil-A cow. He's obviously in favor of the wholesale slaughter of chickens to save his own sorry ass. But given his appearance at the Brighton Church's sneak preview of the Veggie Tales DVD Larry Boy and the Bad Apple, he also seems to support the personification of vegetables as lovable children's characters that teach Biblical messages. So we can't eat beef, we can't eat vegetables (you might devour the carrot that teaches you the true meaning of the Book of Job), and all we can eat is greasy fast food chicken?

Oh well, if you're up for some family fun, head to the Brighton Church today to see the newest Veggie Tales DVD before it hits stores. That cow will be there passing out door prizes, but we wouldn't trust him.
Sat., July 15, 10:30 a.m.


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