'Cue Up

We love a good Sunday barbecue. But if you show up at today's free Journeys Backyard BBQ, don't go lookin' for any brisket. On this menu is a heaping helping of skateboard and extreme sports, with a little live music and activities on the side.

Tour promoters promise a "60,000-square-foot alternative sport playground," where a roster of stars including X-Games Freestyle Moto gold medalist Chuck Carothers, pro freestyler and X-Games judge Todd Potter and freestyler Jonny Ebenal will showcase their mad skillz. (Some of these Freestyle Motocross pros will flip at a height of nearly three stories and cover 100 feet aerially.) You can check out local musicians at the Converse All-Star Battle of the Bands stage, or take part in the Human Sandwich, where chosen fans will get doused with mustard and mayonnaise and topped with shredded lettuce -- all for prizes and sports gear. There's even a Ladies Lounge, where you can get a free makeover (because nothing says "extreme!" like a change of mascara). Watch dudes get high from noon to 7 p.m. outside Memorial City Mall.
Sun., June 11, 12-7 p.m.


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