“Daniel Anguilu: Famous Monsters”

Daniel Anguilu is quickly becoming Houston’s go-to guy for big outdoor murals. Just drive around the East End and Midtown, and you’ll recognize the angular, sometimes abstract, signature of his work, particularly on Midtown’s vacant MHMRA building, which Anguilu has been steadily covering in paint. Thankfully, Anguilu doesn’t traffic in civic-minded, feel-good stuff promoting “diversity” or the kind of neighborhood mural you’d see at a public park, and he doesn’t project a graffiti vibe. His murals have a more mysterious, organic feel, often depicting animals and visual tropes that stem from his Mexican heritage and Aztec influence. There’s a distinct graphic quality in his hard lines and vibrant colors. In his latest work, he’s covered the north exterior wall of Lawndale Art Center with a mural called Famous Monsters. On view daily. Through June, 2012. 4912 Main. For information, call 713-528-5858 or visit www.lawndaleartcenter.org. Free.
Aug. 18-June 15, 2011


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