Dark Meat/Vomit Lasers Family Band/Galaxy

The only thing larger than Dark Meat/Vomit Lasers Family Band/Galaxy’s name is the band itself. The group’s 20-plus psychedelic rockers have no trouble attracting attention at the small venues where they perform. Audience members often ask, “Are you in the band?” — not because they’re prospective groupies, but because they’re worried they’ll be standing in the middle of the show. And that might be an uncomfortable spot, considering Dark Meat (for short) is known to have a stage show that matches the insanity of their sound. Headed by singer/songwriter Jim McHugh, the band includes a full horn section (featuring Pete Erchick of Olivia Tremor Control fame), a trio of female backup vocalists, a couple of drummers, guitarists, bassists, banjo players and more that blend together (surprisingly) beautifully to create a psychedelic rock orchestra of sorts. Listeners might want to wait for Dark Meat to kick off the first tune before crowding the stage, just to make sure everybody knows where everybody belongs. The Mathletes and Ill Advisory start the show.
Wed., Sept. 12, 10 p.m.


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