Dinner with Friends

When couples break up, there’s a lot of pain to go around — and that’s just the beginning of the troubles they face in Donald Margulies’s 2000 Pulitzer Prize-winning Dinner with Friends. The play follows two couples, Gabe and Karen and Tom and Beth, as they deal with the realignment of loyalties once the foursome is blown apart. Or as Philip Lehl, a co-artistic director of Stark Naked Productions, says, “It’s not a play about the divorce of a couple but the divorce of two couples.”

When the story opens, Gabe and Karen are serving dinner to their friend Beth. It’s during this first scene that they learn that Beth and her husband have split up. What follows reveals the struggle the four characters go through to maintain some sort of fractured friendship. Lehl, who’s also an actor in the four-character narrative, says he’s having a good time with this show: “The play affords an opportunity for four good actors to really sink their teeth into four meaty roles.” 7:30 p.m. Thursdays and March 5 and 7; 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays; 3 p.m. March 11. Through March 11. Studio 101, 1824 Spring Street. For information, call 832-866-6514 or visit www.starknakedtheatre.com. $10 to $20.
Thursdays-Saturdays; Mon., March 5; Wed., March 7. Starts: Feb. 23. Continues through March 11, 2012


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