“Disturbance of Distance”

Emily Sloan snows domesticity. For the group exhibition: Disturbance of Distance, the artist created Global Housewarming, a life-size snow globe. A dinner place setting for 12 and serving dishes are covered in fake white flakes and eerily lit by a faint orange glow. The effect [created] is one of containmentdomestic display of false warmth, memories of home and misuse of our environment, says Sloan. Other artists follow suit, exploring the false comforts of home. Leslie Mutchler's poly-sided dressers expose our need to disguise overconsumption as organized accumulation. Jennifer Prichard brings the outdoors inside by decking the walls with small porcelain sculptures that look like tree lichens. Gabriela Trzebinski examines the struggle to ensure wildlife has a safe home with her video on antipoaching efforts in Africa. There's a 7:30 p.m. opening reception on January 17. Regular viewings are by appointment only. Through February 19. Box 13 ArtSpace, 6700 Harrisburg. For information, call 713-299-8582 or visit www.box13artspace.com. Free.

Jan. 18-Feb. 19, 2009


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