Dizzy Does It

Houston's Dizzy Pilot has spent the last year polishing its signature sound, which calls to mind the raw power of early-'90s alt-rock bands. At the quartet's Walter's show today, expect them to churn out tunes fueled by fuzz pedals, technical chord progressions and chanting choruses that would make any Nirvana fan do a double-take. Based on his lyrics, singer-guitarist Josh White seems strung out on love (and in some cases, drugs). That's fitting, considering that his voice is the perfect combination of an acid-drenched Wayne Coyne, a pre-medicated Daniel Johnston and a post-heroin-fix Kurt Cobain. Just like the shows of Dizzy Pilot's kick-ass-today, leave-tomorrow idols, this one's not to be missed. Over Sea Under Stone opens at 9 p.m. For tickets, call 713-862-2513 or visit www.4215washington.com. $8.
Sat., Feb. 4


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