Emerging Choreographers Showcase

Music by Bach, Danny Elfman, Nina Simone and Shakira accompanies the works performed in the annual Emerging Choreographers Showcase. Students from the University of Houston present original works, acting not only as choreographers and performers but often as lighting and set designers as well. In Alexandra Di Nunzio's Cinq Cygnes Blancs, a quintet of dancers perform to Bach's Suite No. 1. In Lauren Burke and Meghan Rugen's Mine, the pair perform to ''Destruction,'' co-written by Danny Elfman. Later in the program, in Erica Henderson's S.I.R., a septet moves to ''House of the Rising Sun'' by Nina Simone while in Nadia Dosal's Agape, a sextet of dancers perform to Shakira's ''Los Dos.'' The students work with local dancemakers and UH School of Theatre & Dance faculty Karen Stokes, Becky Valls, Toni Valle, Jonathan Middents and Teresa Chapman.
Dec. 6-8, 7:30 p.m., 2012


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