Exit Through the Gift Shop

Few graffiti artists have the global reach Banksy has - his work is on display from the West Bank in the Middle East to post-Katrina New Orleans. Extremely secretive and always fighting to remain anonymous, Banksy had managed to escape being captured on film - that is, until a French shopkeeper and amateur filmmaker set out to find him, make friends with him and convince him to appear on film. Things didn't go quite as planned; Banksy turned the camera on its owner, becoming as much a filmmaker as a subject. The result is Exit Through the Gift Shop, which has been described as "the world's first street art disaster movie." The final footage includes exclusive shots of Banksy, Invader, Shephard Fairey and other world-class (and infamous) graffiti artists in the act of creating. Exit is making its Houston premiere on May 7. Various times. Through May 13. River Oaks Theatre, 2009 West Gray. For information, call 713-524-2175 or visit www.landmarktheatres.com. $7 to $9.75.
Mondays-Sundays. Starts: May 7. Continues through May 13, 2010


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