''Extra, Extra''

Kallinen Contemporary, an outpost of art in Houston's East End, takes on the art of news media in ''Extra! Extra!'' More than 40 artists will join investigative journalist Wayne Dolcefino in an exploration of the nature of modern reporting through art. Among the featured artists is Nicole Gavin, who is contributing two pieces including a mixed-media creation called Nostalgia Lost. A painting of a woman crying is done over newsprint and represents, according to Gavin, the slow death of print media. ''I grew up in a time when a paper would arrive at my parents' front lawn every morning, and Dad would sip his morning coffee and read the front page while handing me the comic section,'' said Gavin. ''Now visual stimulation is easy…we are a lazy nation…a dumb nation.'' On a similar note, Solomon Kane offers Pulitzer Prize, a skull covered in newsprint, while Vincent Fink contributes a work exploring corruption in the great political complex. Gallery owner Randall Kallinen promises a real press conference, complete with footage of a police beating.

7 p.m. 511 Broadway. For information, call 713-320-3725 or visit kallinencontemporary.com. Free.
Sat., Aug. 31, 7 p.m., 2013


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