Festival of New Spanish Films

If the only Spanish filmmaker you know about is Pedro Almodóvar, check out this week's Festival of New Spanish Films. You'll discover lots of other equally talented, if slightly less well-known, directors and see a variety of new shorts, features and documentaries. Friday's screening, Yo también (Me Too!), by Álvaro Pastor and Antonio Naharro, tells the story of a young man with Down syndrome who falls in love. Saturday brings the lyrical Estigmas (Stigmata), starring Spanish shot put champion Manuel Martinez. Adapted from a graphic novel, the story follows a man who wakes up one day with bleeding hands and unwanted advice as to what to do about them. Following the film, director Adán Aliaga will stick around for a question-and-answer session. On Sunday, Mar Coll's comedic Tres dies amb la família (Three Days with the Family) chronicles a long weekend gathering prompted by a funeral. The semiautobiographical account of a dysfunctional family coping with grief won Coll a Goya Best New Director award. Several other titles are also on this weekend's schedule. Rice Media Center, 6100 Main. For a full schedule, call 713-348-7529 or visit www.ricecinema.rice.edu. Free to $6.
Oct. 15-18, 2010


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