Five Best Things to Do in Houston This Weekend: Latin Wave, Pedrito Martinez, MenilFest and More

Samuel Lange in Mariana Rondón's Pelo malo (Bad Hair)
Samuel Lange in Mariana Rondón's Pelo malo (Bad Hair)

Nine spectacular films make up the 9th Annual Latin Wave: Films from Latin America festival. Among our favorites is Carlos Federico Rossini's El alcalde (The Mayor), a revealing look at Mauricio Fernández Garza, the millionaire mayor of San Pedro Garza Garcia in Mexico (see the film trailer below). El alcalde screens on Friday.

Rossini will be on hand to discuss Fernandez's controversial anti-crime policies for the city (basically, he fights the violence on the streets with bigger, better violence). Fernandez's tactics have worked. Street violence has, in fact, been radically reduced in the area. Oh, and the head of his security and several other key members of his team have been murdered.

El alcalde eloquently captures the perversity of life in today's Mexico. We see Fernandez's luxury hillside home. Inside it's filled with his collections of art and ancient relics; outside there's a lush garden with an infinity pool and breathtaking views of the city below...and a host of armed guards patrolling the grounds.

There's also Mariana Rondón's

Pelo malo

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(Bad Hair), screening on Sunday. Nine-year-old Junior (wonderfully played by Samuel Lange) lives with his mother and baby brother in the slums of Caracas. Junior, who is mixed-race, dreams of straightening his curly hair, donning a fine suit and becoming a singing star. His mother, who like his brother has straight hair, grows ever more resentful of her son and his childish dreams. She suspects he's gay and is determined to "fix" him. Stick around through the credits of Pelo malo to see how things turn out for Junior.

See Cristo Rey at1 p.m. Saturday; Los insólitos peces gato at 3 p.m. Saturday; Por las plumas at 9 p.m. Saturday; Tanta agua at 5 p.m. Friday; El alcalde at 7 p.m. Friday and 1 p.m. Sunday; Pensé que iba a haber fiesta at 9 p.m. Friday and 3 p.m. Sunday; Réquiem NN at 5 p.m. Saturday; La jaula de oro at 7 p.m. Saturday and 5 p.m. Sunday; and Pelo malo at 9 p.m. Sunday. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 1001 Bissonnet. For information, call 713-639-7515 or visit $10.

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