Five Chuck Palahniuk Books That Should Be Turned into Movies

Snuff (2008)

In these times of scary right-wing moral codes, the story of a porn star trying to have a 600-man gang-bang may be hard to get into theaters. But they did make Jack & Jill so....

Rant (2007)

Rant could turn into Fight Club with cars for some, or at least a creepy dystopian fantasy. The author has said it is to be part of a trilogy, so you have franchise appeal if viewers will buy into what turns into a spiritual mind-fuck.


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Pygmy (2009)

The story of foreign dwarves masquerading as exchange students in the States to carry out terrorist attacks would be an excellent vehicle for Fincher and meaty material for a cast. Could this one, though, be too touchy, or even vaguely racist for audiences? Maybe.

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