Five Comedies You Should Be Watching on Netflix

Party Down: You probably didn't know it was on your cable plan. (Second season streaming now on Netflix.)
Party Down: You probably didn't know it was on your cable plan. (Second season streaming now on Netflix.)

Just a couple of years ago, a list like this would appeal to a narrow base of readers. But Netflix now has almost 17 million subscribers, 66 percent of whom streamed a TV show or movie last year. In other words, if you're reading this, you probably pay a few bucks a month to rent DVDs and watch content on your computer. (And if you don't, what's stopping you? The lowest plan shakes out to $10 a month or so, and it includes unlimited streaming.) The good news: Its popularity means Netflix is constantly adding new material. The bad news: It's often hard to weed through the additions to get to the good ones.

To get you started, here are a few comedies you should be watching on Netflix. It doesn't matter if you've seen them before or not; they're all worth revisiting, and episodes are quick enough so you can squeeze in one (or more) on your lunch break. Be sure to check Netflix, @instant_netflix, and Instantwatcher for updates.

The Larry Sanders Show A godsend. The modern classic starring Garry Shandling wasn't even available in its entirety on DVD until last fall, having only received limited home video exposure before that with a first-season set and a best-of compilation. Netflix is now streaming the first four seasons of this iconic HBO series that ran from 1992 to 1998. Set behind the scenes of a late-night talk show, it arguably launched the modern single-camera comedy era. Almost 20 years later, it's as sharp as ever.

The Kids in the Hall The Kids in the Hall has received regular DVD releases as well as a full-series box set, but it's great to be able to stream the episodes on demand. Brilliant sketch comedy and eminently quotable.


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