Five Reasons Why Alex Pettyfer Should be Christian Grey

Ah believability
Ah believability

It seems Gus Van Sant and I have something in common. Alex Pettyfer is our Christian Grey. As was recently widely reported, Sant, who wants to direct the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film, shot a test sex scene with Pettyfer playing the erotic tale's main character, Christian Grey.

What makes Alex Pettyfer the best Christian Grey you ask?? Well here, I'll tell you. 5. Believability. As I already said in my previous Shades piece, Pettyfer has all of the goods to take on the task of capturing what makes Grey such an appealing character. Yes, OK so he does not have....COOPER hair. Simple solution: hair dye. That aside, he has all of the other Grey qualities we love. Intimidatingly good looking, strong, charismatic and someone's whose on screen cocky act wouldn't make you roll your eyes.

4. Sex Appeal. Unless you are a complete liar or blind I think we can all agree that this young Brit is... um sexy. Yummy. Whatever.... You know what I mean. And how could he not be with that deep voice, those beautiful features, blond hair and that super sexy smile. And if anything, I think Magic Mike proved that Pettyfer is not your cookie cutter hot guy. He's sexy is that unique way.

Brains, oodles of brains, or should we say: Grey matter
Brains, oodles of brains, or should we say: Grey matter

3 .Intelligence. It's hard to believe that Pettyfer is only 23. Like most Brits, he seems to be more mature for his age. Which makes him much more appealing than some of our American actors who should have already reached that point... like 40ish guys Adam Sandler, Leonard Dicaprio and the newest to the man-child group...The Hangover's Bradley Cooper. He's got that balance of a laid back attitude and a fun sense of humor that doesn't border on complete idiot. Bottom line...Pettyfer's smart, but not in a-know-it-all-way. 2. Accent. He's got an accent. Let's just say it. Americans are suckers for accents, it doesn't matter what kind, British, Australian, German, French... Christian Grey is supposed to be an American, but he reads like a British guy. Not surprising considering the fact that EL James is British.

1. Attitude. He's got a good attitude. Good-looking people abound in Hollywood right now. But you usually want to see a movie more if the actors are good people in real life. Maybe I am just speaking for myself, but in real life who you are, can affect how you come across on screen. That said... there has been some debate over whether or not Pettyfer is Hollywood's new bad boy, but if you've read any of his interviews he appears to be a gentleman, which could be another boost to Grey's ticket sales. As if it needed them.

A good attitude goes a long way.
A good attitude goes a long way.


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