Five Works Artists Should Never Ever Copycat

In the studio working on an exact replica of a famed abstract painting?


Thinking about displaying a readymade for irony's sake?


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It's fine to quote your favorite creative types -- it's basically impossible not to -- but to paint, mold or shoot something that's an exact copy and slap your name on it?


A word to the wise: If you're going to duplicate an art piece, make sure it's your own stuff and not these five pieces that should never ever be copycatted.

5. Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisco Goya Art Attack, while taking in this weekend's Ponce Crush art event in Atlanta, came across Saturn Devouring His Son (circa 1819-1823), the most disturbingly awesome work that Spaniard Francisco Goya originally painted on an interior wall of his home. Except it wasn't Goya at all, but rather an amateur artist's not-that-great take of the thing, including the exact same title. Gross.

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