Frank Olson and Mike Field

Frank Olson and Mike Field each formulate abstract e-art that’s as trippy as it is intriguing. Olson, who works under a pseudonym, swirls and mirrors images in Photoshop for kaleidoscopic works rich with color and detail. Field writes computer programs that create images that look like they’re inside you — prints such as End Game and Neural Net resemble microscopic views of cell and nerve structures. Other works by Field, like But Is It Art, are more quilt-like — large and small triangles create a red, orange and yellow tribal pattern that burns against a black background. See what else emerged from Olson and Field’s motherboards. Viewing is by appointment only. Through January 7. The Joanna Gallery, 4014 Graustark. For information or to schedule a viewing, call 713-825-1976 or visit Free.
Dec. 13-Jan. 7, 2008


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