Freaky Weekend

Warning: The film Live Freaky! Die Freaky! depicts graphic sex, rampant drug use and horrific, grisly murder. But hey, it's done via clay puppets, so it's really not so bad. It's the year 3069, and humans are pig-eating nomads. A solemn figure finds a dusty version of the book Healter Skelter, and things suddenly flash back to 1969, where the spacey Hadie is explaining to police just why she and her "brothers and sisters" went on a killing spree at the urging of the self-proclaimed messiah Charlie Hanson (brilliantly voiced by Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong). The tripped-out Charlie, who gets his marching orders from Beatles records, orders the offing of the decadent, bitchy, pregnant actress Sharon Hate and her friends. There's a grisly murder scene as Hate and her friends snort mountains of coke, followed by more blood and mayhem.

Back to the future, where the people aren't too bright. The Healter Skelter book's effed-up story of Hanson and his followers is taken more as holy doctrine than scandalous tale, meaning humanity is going to hell. Sure, Live Freaky sounds like a downer, but it's actually pretty funny, with tongue-in-cheek dialogue and intentionally bad musical numbers. And the scene of clay actors snorting mounds of blow is unforgettable. Midnight Friday, January 27, and today at Angelika Film Center, 510 Texas. For tickets and information, call 713-225-1470 or visit $6 to $8.
Jan. 27-28


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