“Frogs: The Sequel”

“Frogs! A Chorus of Colors” is back at New York City’s American Museum of Natural History, but the sound of horny croaking hasn’t left the Houston Museum of Natural Science. In response to the popularity of the traveling exhibit, the museum has put together “Frogs: The Sequel.” Hmm, we would’ve gone with “F2: Webment Day,” “Froggin’ 2: Aquatic Boogaloo” or “Croak Hard with a Vengeance.” Like any good follow-up, “Frogs” brings back favorite characters from the original -- such as poison dart frogs and red-eyed tree frogs -- and introduces new ones, such as marine toads, painted mantellas and strawberry poison darts (which sound more like a cocktail to us). This summer, they’re leaping out of the lily pad and back into the limelight.
June 1-Sept. 3


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