Gray's Anatomy

In the jazz lexicon, there are two usual suspects: straight-ahead and contemporary. The first — unless you're a traditionalist — can get pretty tedious as you try to follow the machine-gun-assault of notes. The second can leave you near suicidal, as you endure schmaltzy poppy melodies designed to hook you (Kenny G, anyone?). Kellye Gray, fortunately, falls into the third, lesser-known genre: good sex music. The Austin chanteuse mixes jazz greats of old with sexy Brazilian standards, and the occasional blues tune peppered with her hoarse, breathy vocals. Gray has clearly figured out why couples curl up together in smoky jazz clubs, and basically creates a soundtrack for the activities afterwards. Her live sets, especially when she's accompanied by drummer Sebastian Whittaker and bassist Erin Wright, start off frisky, get hot 'n' heavy, then end up smooth, soft and warm. Kinda like, well, you know.
March 3-4, 8 p.m.


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