Greek Week: 300

There are some films that should only be seen on the big screen – among them, all of director Zack Snyder’s. He brings fantastic feats of badassery to life with all the energy of an Iron Maiden music video. As part of Greek Week, Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow is presenting an outdoor showing of 300, Snyder’s adaptation of Frank Miller’s acclaimed graphic novel based on the Battle of Thermopylae. In 480 BCE, 300 Spartan warriors with glistening abs stood alone against an enormous Persian horde at a narrow pass that denied the Persians entry into Greece, giving the city-states time to mount a defense to push back the god-king Xerses and decisively end the Persian’s invasion.

Snyder shot the film with a super-imposition chroma key technique that makes it feel like it leaped right from the pages of Miller’s comic book. What was already a story of fearless warriors battling impossible odds is turned into a fantasy epic involving mystical oracles, demonic soldiers, and all the slow-motion killing you could ever ask for. You may quibble with the historical accuracy of the film, but you cannot deny that watching King Leonidas lead Sparta's hero-warriors against mutants with bladed hands who charge the brave Greeks while Tyler Bates’s music score crescendos is a bloody good rollercoaster ride. 8 p.m. Market Square Park, 300 Travis. For information, call 713-650-3022 or visit Free.
Fri., March 23, 8 p.m., 2012


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