Greg Giraldo

If you can’t remember where you’ve seen comedian Greg Giraldo, we’re going to guess it was likely on Comedy Central. Giraldo has been all over the station in the past few years, doing his own half-hour stand-up special, hosting his own show, partaking in Dave Attell’s Insomniac Tour and being a guest on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. He’s also roasted Chevy Chase, Jeff Foxworthy, William Shatner, Pamela Anderson and, most recently, Flavor Flav (Giraldo was the guy who went first).

Giraldo has a talent for insulting celebrities, and it’s likely why he’s been invited to so many roasts. But Giraldo says his time could be better spent. “There are times when I step back and [think], ‘Shouldn’t I maybe be using my gifts for good…If I put this much work into writing my act, couldn’t I have a joke more meaningful than how giant Brigitte Nielsen’s vagina is?’” Giraldo says. It’s also never easy when those who have agreed to take part in roasts get offended. “Contrary to what it might look like, I’m not up there trying to make anyone cry,” Giraldo says, adding that he was surprised how upset Carrot Top was at the Flavor Flav Roast. “He probably would have cried except for his fucking tear ducts have probably been surgically removed.”
Sept. 27-30, 2007


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