Guitars, The Born Liars, Lazy Horse

Guitars treads somewhere between early Sonic Youth and Sleater-Kinney. A strong female singer (occasionally accompanied by distorted male vocals) is backed by guitars that are plucked, distorted and/or droned out. It’s all carried along by a steady bass line and simple drums that will have listeners rockin’ back and forth instead of rockin’ out. (And we mean that in a good way.) The local, three-guy-two-gal fivesome consists of members from Alarma!, The Monocles and Lenny Briscoe. This incarnation, however, isn’t akin to any of these, so fans should be ready to hear a different sound when Guitars tunes up between fellow rockers Lazy Horse and The Born Liars. 9 p.m. Rudyard’s, 2010 Waugh Drive. For information, call 713-521-0521 or visit $6.
Wed., Nov. 26, 2008


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