"Have you ever put Rice Krispies in your bed?" asks Harland Williams. Long pause. "Then peed the bed?" Ugh. Williams, the Canadian comic who regularly reminds everyone that he left his job as a forest ranger to do stand-up, makes many folks wish he had stayed in the woods. If he looks familiar, perhaps you remember him as the homicidal hitchhiker in There's Something About Mary. Or maybe you saw him play a really unattractive woman in Sorority Boys (in which he oddly resembled comedian Kathy Griffin).

Or, perhaps you recognize him from his stand-up act, which finds him in awkward "What am I doing up here and who gave me a mike?" mode, asking bizarre questions. Williams managed to stump late-night host Conan O' Brien while pimping Robots, the animated film in which he voiced a character. "Have you ever woken your grandmother up at three in the morning," he asked O'Brien, "and smashed her in the face with a canoe?" Conan's confused countenance said it all. No, Harland, most of us have not. But somehow, Williams's bizarre interrogations and drunk-deer-in-the-headlights delivery is a hoot. 8:30 p.m.
June 15-17


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