He Will Rock You

Lichen on the rocks may sound like the latest funky cocktail, but it's actually the center of Steven Gilbert's new exhibit, "A Mountain of Memory," which opens today at the Jung Center. Gilbert says he wanted to create "a natural inkblot test for viewers" with his heavily pixilated digital prints of fungus-clad granite. The images were shot on South Baldface Mountain in New Hampshire, a place Gilbert, who's originally from New York, used to visit as a kid.

"I tried to inspire people to see their own impressions in the prints rather than what I envisioned," says the artist. It works: One print with a series of cracks in the granite could be a fist, or two fat naked people sitting up against each other. Another image, with a dark shadow cast over rock with a lone formation of lichen, looks like an American Indian cave — or a ringworm. The exhibit will run concurrently with painter John Boehm's watercolor exhibit "Pleasures on Paper."
Jan. 10-28


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