Here Comes tha Boom!

When the folks at DiverseWorks brainstormed their first visual arts residency, they got inspired by MTV, specifically The Real World (but without the angry gay guy and the hot-tub scenes). The five artists in residency -- Diana Sofia Estrada, Katy Heinlein, Eric Pearce and collaborators Danny Kerschen and Benjy Mason -- were asked to work in the space while being recorded for live webcam feeds on the DiverseWorks Web site. Since May 15, anything the artists do for the exhibit "The Real (Art) World: DiverseWorks!" has been viewable online.

While there aren't any makeout sessions, there is a ton of artistic activity. "Stuff just magically goes up overnight," says Vinod Hopson of DiverseWorks. "It's like they're like the gremlins, or like this is one of those mythical cobbler shops. We keep the fridge stocked with Red Bull and they just go off." Heinlein, on her blog (each artist has one at, agrees: "Even though it's just down the highway from my studio, I'm finding that I'm way more productive at DW. Maybe it's all of the free Red Bull."

Today's reception marks the end of the residency and the opening of the exhibit, which runs just one short week. Things have been pretty hush-hush about the works, so you'll have to check them for yourself. If you can't make it today, you can watch the reception via the webcams.

Oh, and as part of the reception, Kerschen and Mason are throwing a phat little "Bring Your Own Boom Box" party. The duo has taken the little plastic, rideable toy cars we all rode as kids, and dropped amplifiers in them. You're encouraged to bring your own boom box and mix tapes for this joint, which runs 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Exhibit continues through July 1.
Sat., June 24, 6-8 p.m.; June 25-July 1


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