Holiday Decor Contest

Interested in becoming a Christmas card designer? Here's your chance via the Internet. Your work could be seen by thousands. And you could win a Polaroid camera and film, with more prizes to be announced. and Hypercon, Inc. present "Christmas (Holiday) Cards from the Edge" Gallery & Contest.

See something that catches your eye as either very special or very unusual in the way of holiday decor or madness? Take a photo and send it to us right away. We want to showcase all the glorious, neon-lit delights of your neighborhood and ours -- and make e-mail postcards out of 'em.

Just send us your black-and-white or color photos, and we'll pick the best for our web site, Send photos (nonreturnable) to Liz Belile, On-line Editor, 1621 Milam Suite 100, Houston, TX 77002. Or e-mail your jpegs or gifs (up to 50K) to Daren Lunsford, On-line Design Director,

Visit our "Interactive Postcard Depot" now on-line at

Happy holidays from


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